Regulation respecting minimum standards of first aid and first aid.

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Act respecting industrial accidents and occupational diseases

Whether you have to manage an establishment, a construction site, or a building site, regardless of whether or not you are the project manager, you all have very clear obligations regarding the number of first aid attendants and the number of first-aid kits. If we were to summarize the obligations of managers, regardless of the type of business or establishment, we could conclude the following:

1.           The employer in an establishment must ensure the presence at all times during working hours of at least one first-aid attendant per shift where 50 or fewer workers are assigned.

2.           Provide one additional attendant for every additional 100 or fraction of 100 workers assigned to that shift.

3.           To have in place an adequate number of kits.

4.           Kits should be located in an easily accessible location, located as close to the work site as possible and available at all times.

5.           A minimum content of first aid kits has been pre-established according to the sector of activity and the province of the establishment.

6.           This is the case if you manage an establishment, a construction site or if you use a vehicle for the purposes of your organization.

If an employer uses a vehicle in the operation of his or her establishment that is intended solely for the transportation or use of workers in his or her employ and travels to places where no kit is accessible, that vehicle must be equipped with a kit. In such a case, there is a regulated minimum content. This is particularly the case for workers who have to travel far from major centres and their hospitals.

Remember that on a construction site, all workers must have access to a kit within 5 minutes of each other.

As we have already seen in the article published on the site:, there are regulations on this point. Adequate signage must allow easy and quick location of the kits and the communication system provided for in this regulation as well as any other first-aid equipment.

The Labour Code (article 4224-14) summarizes the content of the employer’s obligations fairly well.

“Workplaces are equipped with first aid equipment that is adapted to the nature of the risks and is easily accessible. “The location of the pharmacy or first aid kits must be known to the employees.

If we respect the logic of the legislator, it seems obvious that anyone who suffers a workplace accident at the workplace must report this event to his or her immediate supervisor.

Here are the common reporting steps required by the employer. When a workplace accident occurs, you must:

-Get first aid immediately at the workplace or at the nearest clinic.

-If possible, ask your immediate supervisor for the pre-completed “Temporary Assignment” form.

-The Worker’s Accident Declaration and First Aid Register form.

-Where applicable, the Claim for Reimbursement and Employer Declaration form completed with the supervisor if you are absent for more than one day after the accident or if you are assigned to light work.

In the case of a serious accident, you must keep the premises unchanged and immediately notify your foreman or supervisor and the person in charge of the client’s premises. Here is a non-exhaustive list of products available at Sylprotec. You can purchase them online or at their Saint-Leonard store:

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You can get this first aid equipment and other things at Sylprotec. You can buy online or at their store in Saint-Leonard. You will also find a wide selection of safety equipment, fire protection equipment and more.

Sylvain Patrice f.p.t.

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